Bakewell Primary School and Preschool caters for students from Preschool to Year 6. The school is focused on ‘working co-operatively with the School Community to provide a safe, caring and supportive learning environment.

We respect and value the diversity of our community and place a strong emphasis on teaching and learning and personal growth (student, staff and community).

Our school encourages the values of 'responsibility, respect, growth, trust and safety' across the whole school community. We focus on improving student achievement and outcomes and meeting individual needs by implementing relevant, interesting class and support programs using particular facilities and resources.

These include Collaborative teaching approaches, Buddy Class program, Physical Education, Music program, Science program, Early Childhood Literacy, Numeracy and Perceptual Motor programs, Quicksmart Maths program, Special Education program, On Task Training, You Can Do It program, leadership opportunities, School Choir and Instrumental program.

The school has a strong ICT program with Interactive Whiteboards in most classrooms, two well equipped Computer Laboratories for ICT lessons linked to programs and two class sets of Notebook Computers.

Bakewell Primary School
Forrest Parade, Bakewell NT 0832
PO Box 1300, Palmerston NT 0831

Our school, is a large, modern, urban Primary and Preschool situated in the Palmerston suburb of Bakewell. The school currently caters for 667 students - from Preschool to Year 6. The school has a managed enrolment strategy in place and mainly caters for families from the suburbs of Bakewell, Gunn (The Chase) and Johnson.

Our school provides a stimulating, safe and caring learning environment. Teaching and learning programs are a high priority and students are given opportunities to reach their full potential. Within the school community we value the contributions of all students, their families and staff. We believe that optimum learning occurs when the school and home / community work in partnership. We have an open door policy and parents are welcome in the school and classrooms at all times.

The school has a clear strategic focus on improving student outcomes and endeavours to maximise student learning opportunities academically, socially and emotionally. Classes are mainly single levelled and cater for the diverse needs of the students. The school follows an inclusive approach to catering for student needs. Specialist programs eg Science, Special Education, Physical Education, Music, ESL, Early Childhood Intervention, Literacy and Numeracy Support, Defence School Transition Aide (DSTA), Quicksmart Maths are in place to assist learners.

General Learning Areas are air-conditioned, grouped in four classrooms per block and set in landscaped gardens. A library, two computer laboratories, special education facility, Preschool, canteen, assembly and stage areas, sports facilities, covered basketball courts and oval provide for daily teaching requirements and after school activities. An Out of School Hours Care program caters for students after school and during holiday periods. All school buildings have networked data points with computers in each classroom. Most classrooms have Interactive Whiteboard technology installed and the two well equipped Computer Laboratories enhance student learning opportunities and ICT skill development.

School Council Meeting
Feb 2014

When: Wednesday 19th March at 6.00pm

Where: Bakewell Primary School Staffroom

Interested staff and parents are very welcome to attend.

Anti Bullying Procedures

OSHC (Outside School Hours Care)
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Special Ed Program
Buddy Classes
Student Leadership
Defence School Transition Aide DSTA
Learning Technologies (ICT)
Physical Education (PE)
Teaching Schools

The well established Early Learning Unit provides a safe play environment for our Transition students. The focussed Early Childhood and Primary programs cater for the students' needs and development. Classes in the Upper Primary area of the school have been organised in Year 6 and Year 6/5 groupings to assist in preparing the students for the Middle Years of Schooling.

An active School Council with various Sub-Committees is in operation. Where possible community and parent support in partnership with the school is utilised to assist students, classes and school programs. Should you like more information or a brief tour of the school please contact us.
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The School colours are burgundy and black.
Polo shirts, skorts and hats are available from the front office. In line with the NT DECS requirements, the wearing of full school uniform is compulsory at Bakewell Primary School.

Appropriate footwear is essential – thongs or masseur sandals are not acceptable, as they are inappropriate for school and may be unsafe. Children must wear hats if they choose to play in the sun and to participate in Physical Education activities. Our policy is: No hats, No play, No fun.
Children with no hats or inappropriate shoes are required to stay on the verandahs at recess and lunch times.

School Uniform

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