Academic Advancement Classes

Academic Advancement Classes

Extended learning programs

Academic Advancement Classes made up of students from Years 3-6 who have been identified as excelling academically. They take part in learning programs that enhance and extend them to become confident, capable and successful learners who are independent and set rigorous goals

About AAC Programs

The AAC Programs focus on Bakewell’s whole school best teaching practices such as Guided Reading Groups, AVID Learning Strategies and Visible Learning. Information Communication Learning Technologies (ICLT) is a strong focus and incorporated where appropriate.

Current Academic Advancement Classes

We currently have one Academic Advancement Classes with students from Years 5 and 6 in the one class.

Students in the AAC are encouraged to develop their higher order thinking skills through open ended tasks, problem solving activities and question generated activities. They are given opportunities to apply their knowledge to real life situations. A classroom of collaborative learners is fostered, where students share their learning strategies and discuss their learning journeys.

Academic Advancement Classes

AAC learning environment

Our AAC learning environments are agile and flexible with students enjoying alternative furniture combinations. This includes special seating, standing up desks, combination tables, stools and ottomans. The furniture is aesthetically pleasing and can be moved to cater for collaborative groupings. Educational research strongly supports the links between collaborative, flexible and engaging learning environments improving student achievement.

Extra curricular events

Students in the AAC are given the option to participate in extra curriculum events such as the NT Tournament of the Minds. Students are informed of additional non-compulsory Maths and English competitions which may lead to further student opportunities.

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